Complete list of Bounties for Ardent Castle

Ardent castle map

Small White/Red skulls: normal bounties; LARGE WHITE/RED SKULL: Elder Boss

Name Level Grid
Balthechildis 12 G2
Bombadoo 13 C6
Borgo 13 G2
Choso 10 G3
Crindom 11 F2
Festling 12 F2
Griser 12 G2
Growshia 11 D8
Idio 11 F3
Iloria 10 F2
Lanna 10 F3
Lissisa 12 F7
Nijara 65 E2
Ramtooth 13 F3


A complete list of all Bounty Monsters in The Seven Realms: Category:Bounty Monsters

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