Sapphira's Lament

  1. Wrestling with Demons
  2. Crone in the Dark
  3. Creature Comforts
  4. The History of Pyrrus: Part 1 & 2

Pyrron Courtyard

  1. A Gifted Chicken *(cont.)
  1. The Brindle Rebellion
  2. Loyalty through Action (Knockroe Village key)
  3. To Knockroe **

Knockroe Village

  1. Breathing Lessons -(side chain quest)*
  2. The Aid of the Benefactress
  3. Statue Slayer
  4. Mementos of War

  1. Feet and Greet -(side chain quest)*
  2. Family Records

  1. The Sound of Silence:Part1
    1. Malicious Melody Remedy
    2. The Love of a Statue
    3. The Troubadour (35 gardening needed)
  2. The Sound of Silence:Part2
  3. The Sound of Silence:Part3

Keppel Cavern

The Crystal Spire

The Drom

  1. Dream On only obtainable if you have done the quest from Spire: Crystal Crack-Up

The Corkle Woods

  1. Cold Shoulders only obtainable if you have done the quest from the drom: Dream on

The Sanctorium

  1. Sleeping Dragons (l73)

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