Mining is a gathering skill used to extract ore which can be used in Smithing.

Video Walkthrough: How to level up fast

Villagers and Heroes Reborn How To - Discover New Items in Gathering07:00

Villagers and Heroes Reborn How To - Discover New Items in Gathering

All credits go to Famar.


Level Name
1 Lump of Logician Lead
1 Copper Ore
1 Arid Slate
1 Chocolate Chunk
1 Tipple
4 Shiny Copper Ore
5 Golden Tempered Shale
5 Tin Ore
5 Golden Luckinium
7 Gleaming Copper Ore
8 Shiny Tin Ore
10 Iron Ore
11 Gleaming Tin Ore
13 Shiny Iron Ore
15 Nickel Ore
15 Stygian Tempered Shale
15 Stygian Luckinium
16 Tear of Althea
16 Gleaming Iron Ore
18 Shiny Nickel Ore
20 Obsidian
21 Gleaming Nickel Ore
23 Shiny Obsidian
25 Scarlet Luckinium
25 Glittermore Fleck
25 Scarlet Tempered Shale
26 Gleaming Obsidian
28 Shiny Glittermore Fleck
30 Glittermore Chip
30 Gold Dust
31 Gleaming Glittermore Fleck
33 Shiny Glittermore Chip
35 Viridian Tempered Shale
35 Viridian Luckinium
35 Glittermore Shard
35 Imperial Snow
35 Garnet
36 Gleaming Glittermore Chip
38 Shiny Glittermore Shard
39 Frosted Cerussite
40 Glittermore
41 Gleaming Glittermore Shard
43 Shiny Glittermore
45 Glittershade Fleck
45 Cerulean Tempered Shale
45 Cerulean Luckinium
46 Gleaming Glittermore
48 Shiny Glittershade Fleck
50 Glittershade Chip
51 Gleaming Glittershade Fleck
53 Shiny Glittershade Chip
55 Pyrrite Chip
55 Violaceous Luckinium
55 Glittershade Shard
55 Violaceous Tempered Shale
56 Gleaming Glittershade Chip
58 Shiny Pyrrite Chip
60 Pyrrite Shard
61 Gleaming Pyrrite Chip
63 Shiny Pyrrite Shard
65 Feldgrau Tempered Shale
65 Pyrrite
65 Feldgrau Luckinium
66 Gleaming Pyrrite Shard
68 Shiny Pyrrite
70 Pure Pyrrite
71 Gleaming Pyrrite
73 Shiny Pure Pyrrite
75 Eucalyptus Luckinium
75 Eucalyptus Tempered Shale
75 Pure Pyrrite Shard
76 Gleaming Pure Pyrrite
76 Cursed Obsidian
78 Shiny Pure Pyrrite Shard
80 Koldore Chip


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