Daily Medicine
Quest Giver Cyprian in Ardent City (E3)
Level 10
Type Daily Quest
Location Ardent City
Rewards 1 silver
2000 XP
Prerequisite Quest None
Next Quest None


Cyprian claims his wife won't let him eat and drink some of his favorite things. He will reward me every day I bring him his vice.

Quest Giver

Cyprian in Crafter's Square in Ardent City (E3).


Bring Cyprian some a glass of Raspberry Pinot.


  • 1 silver
  • 2000 XP
  • Enabler (speed reward)


  • Every day a different kind of food or beverage can be asked.
    • Bacon from the Harvest Vendor Gredel in Market Row for 1 copper.
    • Raspberry Pinot from the Food Vendor for 40 silver.
    • Mead from the Food Vendor fro 1 silver.
    • Apple Pie from the Food Vendor for 1 silver, 10 copper.
  • Return to Cyprian with the requested item to receive your reward. !!! The speed reward is immediately.

Journal Entry & Video Walkthrough

Daily medicine

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