Though the Legendary Four have long since passed, their influence remains undying. The first of their orders and each a possessor of great wisdom and strength, it was through the union of Calypso, Marat, Voltan and Celestia that evil Mallok was defeated and light was restored to the land. As such, for warriors and hunters, wizards and priests, the great sacrifice of their Elders will forever live on, as will the powerfully enchanted weapons and magical attire the four leaders left behind.

But when Mallok first unleashed his nightmarish wrath, devastating the land with ravaging fire and punishing tempests, many of these precious items were shattered into bits and pieces. In the dark years that followed, when the world was plunged into chaos, these various fragments were lost and scattered throughout the land. Afterwards, when Mallok had been vanquished and the four leaders had perished in the battle, the significance of such items became greater still. The art of Elder Restoration was established — finding the fragments of the weapons and attire that belonged to the four, and reassembling the pieces back into their former glory.

Today, as the indomitable warriors strive to follow the shining example set forth by Marat, they search the land for fragments of his glorious swords and Titan armor, while the wizards, enigmatic and resourceful like Calypso, seek pieces of her magical robes and powerful staffs. The agile hunters meanwhile traverse the hills for remnants of graceful Celestia’s sacred bows and tunics, while the priests, noble and austere like Voltan, search for fragments of his holy cassocks and commanding iron scepters.

Unfortunately, in the aftermath of Mallok’s initial devastation of the land, it was his ghoulish monsters who happened to first chance upon the fragments of these potent objects belonging to the Legendary Four. Suddenly endowed with the unique strengths and powers of the Elder who created the object, these vile creatures quickly ascended the ranks of their beastly peers and henceforth became known as ‘Elder Bosses.’

It is now up to the heroes of the land, should they be brave enough to face these dreaded monsters, to reclaim the sacred relics as their own. The courageous adventurers who succeed in acquiring all of the missing pieces of a lost item will find themselves in possession of great mystical power!

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