Gilly Tunnel Escape
Quest Giver Winifred Coachman F4 in Gilly Tunnel
Level 1
Type Main Quest
Location Gilly Tunnel
Rewards 20 copper
50 XP
Prerequisite Quest None
Next Quest Dying for a Draught


Myself, Winifred and the rest of the travelers have been trapped in Gilly Tunnels by some goblins. We'll all need to rally together if we hope to make out alive!

Quest Giver

Winifred Coachman F4 in Gilly Tunnel


  • Defeat 4 Goblins in hopes of scaring away the rest.
  • Return to her and tell her about your success.
  • Once the way is clear, head through to Summer's Hollow and find a woman named Rhoda.


  • 20 copper
  • 50 XP


  • Kill 4 goblins, then return to Winifred and tell her the kobolds are gone.
  • She will blow a portal for you to enter but also tells you to find Rhoda. She is standing in front of you, talk to her to finish up this quest and get your reward.
  • She also gives you the following quest: Dying for a Draught

Journal Entry & Video Walkthrough

Gilly tunnel escape
Villages and Heroes - Gilly Tunnel Escape02:32

Villages and Heroes - Gilly Tunnel Escape

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