Guard Musky
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Region Ardent City D7
Level Quest
Quest Item


He is above Rando on a ledge and can't see him from the ground. To reach him walk to where Vane, the City Teleporter stands, but turn left behind the tower, and follow the wooden path up and around to Guard Musky.

When spoken to, he will comment "Look at all the pretty colors!"You can answer him with a comment about the colors or say farewell, UNLESS you have something alcoholic to drink. If you choose to give it to him, he will offer to teleport you to the opposite tower. This is useless, but you can go back and speak to him again, and if you have Apple Juice,then a new option to give him Apple Juice appears. After giving it to him, he seems less drunk, ask him if he's okay. He'll be confused, tell him he's in Ardent City. He mentions missing his friends Larry, Carly, and Mo.He gives you a free Wobbles Remedy as thanks.



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