Hidden Offspring
Quest Giver Geretrudis F5 in Ardent Castle
Level 12
Type Sidequest
Location Ardent Castle
Rewards 5 silver
2400 XP
Prerequisite Quest None
Next Quest None


Custodian Geretrudis is breathless from chasing the King's visiting distant cousins around and wants me to bring them each a message. I should look carefully, as they may be hiding.

Quest Giver

Custodian Geretrudis by the portal in Ardent Castle (F5).



  • 5 silver
  • 2400 XP


  • Inform Hermelinda in the castle library (F5).
  • Inform Raginpert in the room just west of the pool (C5).
  • Inform Birinus in one of the guest rooms (D6).
  • Inform Sayla beside a statue in the gardens (D7).
  • Inform Erob in the mausoleum (E4).
  • Return to Custodian Geretrudis to complete this quest.

Journal Entry & Video Walkthrough

Hidden ofspring
Villagers and Heroes Reborn Walkthrough - Hidden Offspring02:28

Villagers and Heroes Reborn Walkthrough - Hidden Offspring

All credits go to Famar.

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