Homegrown Spud
Quest Giver Gavin in Ardent City (B5)
Level 15
Type Sidequest
Location Ardent City
Rewards 30 copper
3000 XP
300 XP Gardening
Prerequisite Quest None
Next Quest None


Gavin wants 3 Potatoes for a stew, though I'm sure he could tell the difference between a spud and a speleosaur...

Quest Giver

Gavin in the Castle Courtyard in Ardent City (B5).


Find and Deliver 3 Potatoes to Gavin



  • Potatoes are grown in a garden.
    • So you can either buy them from the Auction House.
    • Go to a village, buy a house, and garden and grown your own (requires level 7 Gardening).
    • Get them from a friend.
  • Bring 3 Potatoes back to Gavin to complete this quest.

Journal Entry & Video Walkthrough

Homegrown spud
Villagers and Heroes Reborn Walkthrough - Homegrown Spud00:20

Villagers and Heroes Reborn Walkthrough - Homegrown Spud

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