A house needs to be built on a vacant lot in a village. Having a house in a village has benefits including storage, village buffs for gathering and crafting, improved crafting stations, access to gardening and ranching, and a buff related to your chosen house style.

Obtaining a house

Players can access villages from the orange portal in Ardent or in Summers Hollow. From the menu shown, players need to choose a village that they can settle in (i.e. an open village with space, or closed/guild village of your own guild).

To place a house, find an empty lot. Empty lots have a for-sale sign in front of the lot. Often nearly full villages will only have spaces in the graveyard or beach sections. Left-click on the sign to pay rent and move in. Placing a house makes you a member of that village automatically.


For-sale Sign

Once placed, the house requires 10 silver every two weeks in rent. Which can be paid in advance up to 28 days. Upon placing the house, you will be prompted to become friends with the other village members automatically.



Each house comes with a storage locker much like the Bank Vault.

House Locker

House Locker


Having a house also gives you access to a 25 plot garden behind your house, allowing you to use and level your gardening skill.




Having a house also grants you an animal pen, where you can raise and care for animals with your ranching skill.

House buff

You can choose a style that grants a buff. Some styles require an unlock and purchase with in game gold or a house ticket.

House style Buff Unlock Picture (?)
e.g. Home in a Forest Run speed is increased 10% when out of combat default, 90 gold
(name of achievment)


Finally, you'll be able to choose your own house style, architecture, and paint colors. (The appearance has no effect on your chosen house buff.)

Architecture Paint

Architecture & Paint


If you move or lose your house due to not paying rent, you will lose an unharvested crops, and your animals will be placed in the kennel.

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