At the moment the highest level you can reach in the game is set on 90. This counts for both the combat levels and the villager levels.

There are basically 2 ways to level your combat level.

  • Killing bosses and mobs
  • Doing quests
  • Telepad explorations

Your skill-levels can be devided in 3 different groups. Gathering (Plant Lore, Mining, Fishing and Bug Lore), crafting (Carpenting, Smithing, Cooking and Tailoring) and villaging (Gardening and Ranching).

Villager Leveling

Gathering - Go to a area that contains a rock(mining) or egg/dead tree(bug lore) or rippling wave on water(fishing), click on it and you will start gaining the resource you want.

Crafting - Go to a area that contains an anvil(smithing), lace(carpenting), pot(cooking) and spinning wheel(tailoring) and click on it. Then you will see list of items you can craft.

Villaging - Go to your house's backyard. On your left side is your garden where you plant. On your right side is your ranch where you keep your livestocks. Click the brown sign that is stuck next to your garden, click on it. There will be a option to buy seeds. Next, try clicking on the brown sign that is stuck next to your ranch, click on it. There will be a option to buy baby livestocks.


For each finished quest, killed mob or killed boss you gain experience points (XP). For each level you will need to gain a certain amount of XP. Once you reach this amount you will level up. Every new level will require a little bit more XP before you can go to the next level. Even though the XP needed will rise, the XP gained will rise along (altough a little bit less than the XP required). So it will still be possible to level at a regular base.

Bosses and mobs

Killing bosses is considered to be the fastest way to level. Each boss gives you a first-kill XP-bonus. This means the basic xp you would get is multiplied. It can be very rewarding to activate a hero-xp-booster when you are about to run a zone for the first time. Then you will gain even more xp per kill. Mobs do not have a first-kill bonus. However killing mobs on your way will still add to your experiencebar and help to reach the next level a little bit sooner.


Each zone contains a few quests. The amount differs per zone. For each finished quest you gain a little bit of XP and often some money also. Sometimes you receive a little something for finishing your quest. This could be a booster or something you need for another quest. The latter does not happen often.