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Female and Male Hunter



Fighting style





The Hunter is the spy of the forest: fast, deadly, silent, well-informed and the very first to strike.

They pride themselves for being ready for everything, be that fighting, fleeing or healing their friends. They are the defenders of all that is good and green in this world. Hunters can attack very fast.

They can also combat many monsters at once and their arrows can split and attack other monsters. They have the highest critical attack rate of all the classes.


Skills, Talents, Outfit

Name Talent Proficiency Jewelry Crafted Gear Elder Gear Dropped or Sold Gear
Splinter shot Splinter Shot x
Assassin's shot Assasin's shot x
Gift of the dryad Gift of the Dryad x
Speed of the stag Speed of the Stag x
Strength of the bear Strength of the Bear x
Wounding shot Wounding Shot x
Bow mastery Bow Mastery x
Lethality Lethality x
Resourceful Resourceful x
Baleful quiver Baleful Quiver x
Poison mastery Poison Mastery x
One with the wild One with the Wild x
Retreat Retreat x
Quelling of the slot Quelling of the Sloth x
Venom of the serpent Venom of the Serpent x
Concussions shot Concussion Shot x
Ferocity of the wolverin Ferocity of the Wolverine x
Hunter survival1 Survival x
Vigor Vigor x
True shot True Shot x
Poison shot Poison Shot x
Slowing shot Slowing Shot x
Sneak Sneak x x
Reinforced Reinforced x x
Rapid fire Rapid Fire x x
Crippling shot Crippling Shot x
Tempest of the roc Tempest of the Roc x
Noxious shot Noxious Shot x
Elder bane Elder Bane x
Elder garde Elder Garde x

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