Key Stroke Commands

(Outside chat commands)

  • H (Produces the help menu on screen).
  • M (Produces your map, which you can switch between local and world)
  • K (Produces your skills and ability points)
  • J (Opens up your quest journal and bounty list)
  • O (Opens up Outfit)
  • V (Opens up your achievements)
  • B (Opens up your knowledge book)
  • F1 (Select yourself)
  • Spacebar (Jump)

(Inside chat commands)

  • /unstick (If your character literally can't move, typing this can usually unstick them).
  • /suicide (Used to return quickly to the start of an area without having to run back).
  • /quit (Completly quits out of A Mystical Land)

Guild Creating/Mangement

(Inside chat commands)

You can create a guild and manage it via the chat command. However before you can create a guild using these prompts you do need to be in a party of a least four and at least three of those members need to accept the guild invitation that is sent during the guild creation. These prompts are only for use from the guild leader, (the character who originally started the guild).

  • /gcreate <guild name> (This creates the guild with the guild name of your choie).
  • /ginvite <character name> (Allows you to invite new members to the guild).
  • /gkick <character name> (This option will kick a current member from the guild).
  • /gleave (Available to all members, type this to leave the guild you are currently in).

Blocking/Unblocking Players

(Inside chat commands)

You can block players in the chat function, if either player blocks the other, neither will see messages from the other. The blocked messages include: Zone Chat, Whispers, Emotes and Party Chat.

  • /block <character name>
  • /unblock <character name> (This is presently the ONLY way to unblock a character).
  • /block (This will list the characters you have put on your blacklist).

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