Layered beam

Layered Beam is used in many crafting recipes and can be made in Level 5 Woodcrafting.


Recipes Used

  • Layered Beam
  • Carpentry Repair Kit I
  • Fiery Dram I
  • Fire Extract I
  • Poison Extract I
  • Shadow Extract I
  • Sinister Dram I
  • Viperous Dram I
  • Trapper's Hailing Bow
  • Poacher's Cutting Bow
  • Markman's Worthy Bow
  • Judge's Diciplining Club
  • Friar's Generous Mace
  • Gnome's Lively Staff
  • Salamander's Clawed Staff
  • Paladin's Mysterious Shield
  • Trickster's Vexing Shield
  • Sentry's Obstructing Shield
  • Piebald Signet
  • Sighting Salve

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