Old Ramblings
Quest Giver Tanaquil E4 in Summer's Hollow
Level 7
Type Main Quest
Location Cronk Island
Rewards 2 silver, 50 copper
4900 XP
Prerequisite Quest Mayoral Madness
Next Quest Where the Gallyfern Grows


Tanaquil mentioned that she overheard Viggo rambling on about Tarquin, which is hte person the Malicious Miscreant demanded to be released. I should ask Viggo about this Tarquin.

Quest Giver

Tanaquil E4 in Summer's Hollow.


  • Talk with Viggo in Summer's Hollow.
  • Get a bar of Salamander Soap from Penelope in the Market of Summer's Hollow.
  • Head back to Viggo and show him the soap.
  • Wash your mout out with the bar of Salamander Saop.
  • Head back to Viggo and show him your clean mouth.
  • Make your way to Cronk Island. There is a cave that leads to Cronk on the south side of Summer's Hollow, and look for Rosemunda.
  • See if you can find anything out about the Gallyfern. Start by talking to Rosemunda.
  • Kill 5 Cronk Skitters for Rosemunda on the Black Shores of Cronk Island.
  • Return to Rosemunda
  • Help Rosemunda so she will tell me about the Gallyfern.
  • Find Lorcan and see if he knows where the Gallyfern grows.
  • Find the place where the Gallyfern plant grows.
  • Speak with the prisoner.
  • Do what Tarquin asks by collecting the ingredients for Helga.
  • Give Tarquin the Apraquat Biscuit and tell him the good news.


  • 2 silver, 50 copper
  • 4900 XP


Journal Entry & Video Walkthrough

Old Ramblings

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