Female and Male Priest



Fighting style





Health Restoration

The Priest has two routes; one as a healer - calling upon the magics of the land to heal him and his allies or a dark Priest who curses their victims. When all else fails, The Priest will charge into the fight, showing their enemies how cruel and unforgiving a bludgeoning mace can be to those in its path.

Priests are adept at healing magics and can heal themselves or their allies using their spells. They can help a lot in killing difficult bounties by increasing the chance of survival of the Party.

Their spells are not only composed of healing magics but damaging ones too. A must have in a party.

The Armour used is commonly found in either a priest store or can be crafted from the Tailoring skill. The Woodcrafting skill is another must have to create better, more advanced clubs and shields for your priest class.


Skills, Talents, Outfit

Name Talent Profinciency Jewelry Crafted Gear Elder Gear Dropped or Sold Gear
Absorb shield Absorb Shield x
Divine hammer Divine Hammer x
Contagion Contagion x
Restore Restore x
Darkfrost Dark Frost x
Shadow orb Shadow Orbs x
Divine wisdom Divine Wisdom x
Holy mastery Holy Mastery x
Shadow mastery Shadow Mastery x
Wizard heal Health x
Zealotry Zealotry x
Spirit2 Spirit x
Cure Cure x
Censure Censure x
Condemn Condemn x
Elder bane Elder Bane x
Corrupting plague Corrupting Plague x
Judgement Judgement x
Mass absorb shield Mass Absorb Shield x
Elder garde Elder Garde x
Swift robe Swift Robe x
Vigor Vigor x
Shadow blast Shadow Blast x
Mysticism2 Mysticism x x
Reinforced2 Reinforced x
Shadow bolt Shadow Bolt x
Mass heal Mass Heal x
Heal Heal x x
Vampiric pact Vampiric Pact x
Holy bolt Holy Bolt x
Gloom Gloom x
Smite Smite x
Bless Bless x
Destruction Destruction x

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