Puzzling Poultry
Quest Giver Norma in Elk Meadow (G3)
Level 12
Type Sidequest
Location Elk Meadow
Rewards 5 silver
2400 XP
Prerequisite Quest Road-Crossers
Next Quest None


I've decided to help Norma figure out the riddle of the signs. My notes from the Road-Crossers quest may come in handy.

Quest Giver

Norma in Elk Meadow by the portal to Oak Valley (G3) after completing Road-Crossers.


  • Work with Norma to put the letters in order.


  • 5 silver
  • 2400 XP


  • Look up Road-Crossers in your journal if you want a refresher on what the mystery letters were. Talk to Norma when you're ready to puzzle out the riddle.
  • You will guess each letter one at a time, with Norma telling you if she thinks you're right or not. The solution is 'Ianto'.
  • Speak to Ianto by the Wood Trees (F6) and ask him why he planted the sign riddle.
  • Return to Norma and tell her Ianto's response.
  • Go back to Ianto one last time and he will announce your quest complete.

Journal Entry & Video Walkthrough

Puzzling poultry
Villagers and Heroes Reborn Walktrough - Puzzling Poultry-002:13

Villagers and Heroes Reborn Walktrough - Puzzling Poultry-0

All credits go to Famar.

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