Quest Giver Norma in Elk Meadow (G3)
Level 11
Type Sidequest
Location Elk Meadow
Rewards 4 silver, 50 copper
6600 XP
Prerequisite Quest None
Next Quest Puzzling Poultry


Norma is worried about her chickens which have run off. She wants me to go tell them to come home.

Quest Giver

Norma in Elk Meadow by the portal to Oak Valley (G3).



  • 5 silver, 50 copper
  • 6600 XP


  • Find each of Norma's chickens and tell them to come home:
    • Alfredo is by the portal to Cook Village (B3).
    • Cacciatore is on the hill near the skeletons (C4).
    • Casserole is by the portal to Trader's Path (E2).
    • Cordon Bleu is by the portal to Ardent City (D7).
    • Pot Pie is by the Wood Tree gathers and Woodshop (F6).
  • After talking to all five chickens and noticing that each was poking at a sign with a letter, return to Norma to complete this quest and begin Puzzling Poultry.

Journal Entry


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