Corina, Shield Vendor
Corina Shield Vendor
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Region Ardent City
Level Quest
Quest Item


Corina is situated near the Auction House and sells all kind of shields.


Name Level Price
Basic Holy Shield 3 75
Holy Shield 5 120
Standard Sacred Shield 7 300
Cleric's Shield 12 1200
Prelate's Shield 17 2700
Splendid Prelate's Shield 22 4700
Glorious Prelate's Shield 25 6200


Name Level Price
Basic Fighting Shield 3 75
Fighting Shield 5 120
Standard Combat Shield 7 300
Improved Combat Shield 10 750
Excellent Battle Shield 15 2000
Splendid War Shield 20 3700
Magnificent War Shield 25 6200

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