Target Jerome
Quest Giver Jerome in Ardent Castle (D6)
Level 12
Type Sidequest
Location Ardent Castle
Rewards 5 silver
2400 XP
240 XP Cooking
Prerequisite Quest None
Next Quest None


Wow, this poor man was transformed into an archery target! To free him, I must take on a very deadly quest indeed. First I must scale Mount Deadly and defeat Lord Hurtsubad, then take Lord Hurtsubad's map and collect the seven Gems of Torture. After that I must travel to the Fires of Agony to forge the great Mace of Migraines. I had better ask Jerome how to get to Mount Deadly.

Quest Giver

Jerome by the archery targets in Ardent Castle (D6).


  • Get more information from Jerome about his predictament.



  • An apparently cursed-into-a-target asks you to do a series of events in order to free him. When reviewing the quest details, it tells you to talk to the target again. Your character will point out a lot of things wrong with the target. As it turns out, he isn't cursed at all! Jerome is just hiding in the target. He goes to get out of it, then realizes the zipper is stuck. He then asks you brew Stitch Dissolve.
  • To get the ingredients for Stitch Dissolve, you first go to Ardent City , then into the green section of the map where the bug icons appear. Start to inspect a level 5 Insect Mount until you get 2 Redheaded Fireworms.
  • The next ingredient you need is 3 Alewife. If you left the green section, go back to it and start fishing in the lake. If you stayed there, just turn around and go to the lake and start fishing. Fish in a level 5 spot to catch these (You will catch other fish, but keep fishing anyway. You do get them after a few tries).
  • Go back to the cooking pots, make the Stitch Dissolve (recipe is under the yellow ! ), then give it to that jerk Jerome . He thanks you, you get your reward, and he still doesn't come out. Everyone wins!

Journal Entry & Video Walkthrough

Target jerome
Villagers and Heroes Reborn Walkthrough - Target Jerome02:39

Villagers and Heroes Reborn Walkthrough - Target Jerome

All credits go to Famar.

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