To Tame A Gouger
Quest Giver Yelena in Lady's Lake (D4)
Level 12
Type Sidequest
Location Lady's Lake
Rewards 2 silver
2400 XP
240 XP Bug Lore
Prerequisite Quest None
Next Quest None


Yelena claims to be a gouger tamer. All she needs are '72 bags of 47 Cucurbit Longicorn'. The question is...can she do elementary arithmetic?

Quest Giver

Yelena near the portal to Memorial Pond in Lady's Lake (D4).




Journal Entry & Video Walkthrough

Villagers and Heroes Reborn Walktrough - To Tame a Gauger00:39

Villagers and Heroes Reborn Walktrough - To Tame a Gauger

All credits go to Famar.

To tame a gouger

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