Villages are ....

Villages start with 35 spaces for houses, with an additional 12 or 13 by completing the lakeside and/or graveyard projects for a maximum of of 60 spaces.

Open vs closed


(depends on size)

Gather boost

Lucky find boost

Village features (?)

See also Village Projects

[Need to add a little blahblah about each of these]


Gathering nodes ...

Crafting stations - [Depending on the rank, can add runes to gear, etc]





Training grounds

Empyrean machine


Water well

Politics and Ranks

(Are there default names for these?)

Mayor etc.

Rank Permissions


Any member of a village may place themselves on a ballot and run for mayor.

Players can view the ballot and vote. Votes may be changed at any time before the end of the election.


The mayor can set the name as well as the tagline of their village.

The village name is appended with either Hamlet, Village, Town, City (?) depending on the population.

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