Female and Male Warrior


Tank, DPS

Fighting style





The Warriors strength with a blade makes their enemies curl up and die. Paired with their Heavy armor and stubborn unwillingness to perish, The Warrior is a commendable foe.

They are adept at absorbing damage. Warriors are more suited to one on one combat. Their spells can deal heavy damage to a single opponent. They have high defense and attack power but have to engage enemies up close.



Warriors equipped with Defender gear are able to absorb more damage from enemies and generate more threat, attracting enemies away from vulnerable party members. When equipped with a sturdy shield and using proficiencies like Swashing and Shield Mastery to absorb more damage and feats like Pummel and Thunderous Call to generate threat, they make for ideal tanks. Alternately, replace the one-handed sword and shield with a two-handed sword and add damage increasing feats like Sword Storm and Berserker's Fury to make a great hybrid warrior, well suited for soloing.

Swift Warrior

Warriors equipped with Swift gear are able to deal more damage to their enemies and will attack more quickly. When equipped with a two-handed sword and using damage increasing feats like Sword Storm, Sword Mastery, and Warrior Strength, they make for a great close-range damage dealing class.


Skills, Talents, Outfit

Name Talent Proficiency Jewelry Crafted Gear Elder Gear Dropped or Sold Gear
Whirlwind Whirlwind x
Huzzah Huzzah x
Rally Rally x
Defiant stand Defiant Stand x
Sword storm Sword Storm x
Phoenix strike Phoenix Strike x
Shield mastery Shield Mastery x
Sword mastery Sword Mastery x
Warrior strength Warrior Strength x
Wizard heal Health (Warrior) x
Berserkers fury Berserker's Fury x
Spirit2 Spirit (Warrior) x
WSsurghowl Surging Howl x
Challenge2 Challenge x
Elemental resitance Elemental Protection x x
Elder bane Elder Bane x
WSunbreak Unbreakable Will x
Titanic power Titanic Power x
Dragon strike Dragon Strike x
Elder garde Elder Garde x
Swift gear Swift Gear x
Vigor Vigor x
Buckling Buckling x x
Slash Slash x
Eagle strike Eagle Strike x
Reinforced2 Reinforced x
Charge Charge x
Swashing1 Swashing x
2 handed damage Two-Handed Damage x x
Defender gear Defender Gear x x
WSpummel Pummel x
WSthunder Thunderous Call x
Wsgriffin Griffin Strike x
Wsdemoralize Demoralize x

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