Finding a House

  • In Summer's Hollow B5, just in front of the yellow portal to 'My villages', gives you a quest: Becoming a Home Owner. This directs you to his sister who stands in one of the villages.
You don't have to do this quest to get a house.

Which Village to choose

  • At start this really isn't that important - just go to any and look around. The higher developed projects (tailor, lathe, vault, .. the lesser it costs you on making stuff.
  • You can NOT buy a house in a 'Guild Village' - you can look around though - only when you below to that particular guild you can get a house.


  • 10 silver/2 weeks - you can pay upfront - ONCE you forgot to pay, your house will DISAPPEAR, but your belongings are not lost - just get another house again.

Extra when getting a house

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