Zogs are collectible items that can be redeemed for certain awards in Traders Path.

There are 4 different types:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Ultra Rare

With of course finding a Common faster then an Ultra Rare one.

  • Common: Bandit Zog, Drakata Zog, Fairy Zog, ,Fungasite Zog, Gnoll Zog, Gnome Zog, Goblin Zog, Golem Zog, Gougar Zog, Human Zog, Leafwad Zog Lizard Zog, Malog Zog Minotaur Zog, Nip Zog, Pygmy Zog, Rat Zog, Razorback Zog Skeleton Zog, Speleosaur Zog, Spider Zog, Warg Zog, Wolf Zog, Yeti Zog, Zombie Zog.
  • Uncommon: Bee Zog, Bog Frog Zog, Cave Brute Zog, Craggej Zog, Elemental Zog, Gargoyle Zog, Miasmite Zog, Neanderthal Zog ,Needler Zog, Oogre Zog, Pelter Zog, Troll Zog, Trow Zog, Tuskermoon Zog, Wererodent Zog.
  • Rare: Boar Zog, Daggertooth Zog, Demon Zog, Fungi Zog, Hill Giant Zog, Mara Zog, Sindahl Zog, Skitter Zog
  • Ultra Rare: Bearkin Zog, Dragon Zog, Ghost Zog, Hellcat Zog, Mutagen Zog, Water Spirit Zog, Winged Demon Zog.

They can be turned in at the Zog Redeemer in Traders Path.

ZOG CONTRACTS Once you have turned 1 zog of a particular kind, you unlock the ability to perform zog contracts = simply turn in 5 of the same zog.

Each time you will get a reward for turning a contract:

  • Common: an emerald
  • Uncommoon: a diamond
  • Rare: a random Elixir (Elixir of Valor, Elixir of Mercenary, Elixir of Luck, Elixir of Creation, Elixir of Reaping, Elixir of Speed or Elixir of Nurturing.
  • Ultra Rare: 25 crowns

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